Q. Should I be concerned with side effects?

CosmeRNA received an "Excellent" 5-star rating for skin safety by Germany’s Dermatest. Also, multiple clinical studies in Korea and Germany have confirmed its safety for both men and women. CosmeRNA contains a micelle with natural-form oligo RNA/DNA, which are only effective in the hair follicles and degraded back to natural nucleotides within hair follicles. During the clinical test, side effects related to products are not present.


CosmeRNA is a tonic of a micellar solution containing unmodified (natural form) RNA.  COSMERNA ARI contains a micellar siRNA, SAMIRNA™ (Self-assembled inhibitory RNA)-AR68, specifically and selectively inhibit the expression of androgenic receptors (AR) in hair follicle cells which are known to cause or exacerbate androgenetic alopecia (AGA). 


CosmeRNA is suitable for not only men but also women experiencing androgenetic alopecia, one of the most common types of progressive/hormonal hair loss. 

CosmeRNA is clinically tested for male and female pattern hair loss (MPHL and FPHL).  During three clinical tests conducted in Korea and Germany, 113 males with MPHL and 95 females with FPHL, which comprised 54% male and 46% female participants, were tested.  75% of women with hair loss were dramatically improved with a significant increase in hairs.

Q. Is this product a medical product?

CosmeRNA is a topical anti-hair loss cosmetic.  It is the world's first RNAi-based anti-hair loss tonic developed with 30+ years of accumulative scientific research in both molecular biology and clinical tests.

Q: Is the product suitable for all types of hair loss?

CosmeRNA is developed for androgenetic hair loss, the most common hair loss type in men and women.It is not helpful for other types of hair loss, like Alopecia Areta, as the cause of hair loss is not an elevated level of androgen receptor.

Q. Can I use the product in combination with prescription hair loss medications?

During the clinical evaluation, only CosmeRNA was tested without any other products that claim anti-hairloss. While it operates on a unique mechanism within the hair follicle, it may be incorporated into a regimen with other hair loss medications.
Additionally, there may be synergistic effects when used in conjunction with other products.

Q. What is the action mechanism of CosmeRNA?

Overall, the action mechanism of CosmeRNA-ARI ™ is decreasing the androgenic receptor only in the hair follicles. There are many reports on the cause of androgenetic alopecia (AGA). The elevated level of androgen and androgen receptors in the dermal papilla of the balding scalp is the leading cause of androgenetic alopecia. Therefore, the most common treatment of AGA is to decrease the potent androgen DHT by oral treatment of alpha-reductase inhibitors, such as Propecia® and Avodart®, as the alpha-reductase is produced in various tissues in both males and females, such as testes, ovary, prostate and epididymis. Our approach as a topical cosmetic is to decrease the androgen receptor only in the hair follicle. As CosmeRNA® siRNA targeting androgen receptor is in the micelles that are well delivered to hair follicles by topical touch and massage, it specifically decreases the androgen receptor by specifically hydrolyzing AR mRNA.

Q. How long does it take to see results from using CosmeRNA?

The period for positive results varies from person to person, but some customers showed meaningful results even within two months. In the clinical test with weekly treatment, 86% of participants showed positive results at the first checkpoint after four months, and 91% showed positive results after six months.

Q. How often should I use CosmeRNA products? Can I get more prompt effect if I use it more frequently?

CosmeRNA is recommended for use once a week or once every two weeks.
Based on the clinical studies, the weekly treatment showed 91% positive results after six months.
Participants also experienced a similar improvement with once every two weeks use while a noticeable increase in hair was observed.

Q. Is it vegan?

Our product is suitable for vegans and contains no animal-derived ingredients.

Q. Where can I purchase CosmeRNA?

You can purchase it from our official online store at www.cosmerna.com and also from Amazon UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and most recently in Australia and Japan. To visit Amazon stores, click below:

- UK: amazon.co.uk

- Germany: amazon.de

- France: amazon.fr

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- Spain: amazon.es

- Australia: amazon.com.au

- Japan: amazon.jp

Q. My scalp has reddened and it feels sore. What should I do?

CosmeRNA-ARI™ contains 15% ethanol instead of synthetic preservatives or antiseptics chemicals. 15% ethanol may occasionally cause redness or skin irritation in cases of extremely ethanol-sensitive skin. We do not recommend CosmeRNA to anyone too sensitive to use alcohol-containing cosmetics.

Q. It seems like the product is not showing noticeable efficacy. Why?

CosmeRNA™ is a topical anti-hair loss cosmetic that improves hair loss conditions from androgenetic alopecia. It improves hair loss by reducing the mRNA of androgen receptors only in the hair follicles. It cannot be effective without delivery to hair follicles through enough massage after application.
It is not a cure-all solution for hair loss of any type. The causes of hair loss are diverse, and while CosmeRNA™'s efficacy has been proven for Androgenetic Alopecia, it may not be effective for hair loss caused by other factors. For instance, Alopecia Areata requires specialized treatment for autoimmune diseases, and in cases of aging or nutritional deficiency, significant improvement may be difficult without addressing the fundamental causes.

Q. I am a patient with Androgenetic Alopecia. I still don't seem to see any noticeable results. What should I do?

The application method of CosmeRNA™ can have a significant impact on its efficacy, even for customers with androgenic alopecia. If CosmeRNA™ is applied only to the hair, it will not be effective, because the solution must reach the hair follicles to work.
To ensure that CosmeRNA™ is absorbed well, it is important to massage the scalp after application. This will help to distribute the solution evenly throughout the scalp and promote absorption into the hair follicles.

Q. How long should I leave on the product?

CosmeRNA™ is a leave-in hair tonic, so we advise you to leave it in overnight or until your next hair wash while your hair is being nourished. Try to wait for at least 8 hours before washing your hair again.

Q. How long should I massage the scalp during application?

We suggest applying and actively massaging the hair-loss scalp with the attached rubber tip in a linear motion more than 30 times per section.