Q. What is CosmeRNA™ and how does it work?

CosmeRNA™’s story began with a team of dedicated scientists and researchers at Bioneer and siRNAgen since 1992 and is based on RNA & DNA technology.

The active ingredient of CosmeRNA™, “SAMI-RNA AR68 (INCI Name: Stearyldisulfidehexyl DNA-2-PEG-45/SH-RNA-1) is designed to specifically and selectively inhibit the expression of AR in hair follicle cells which cause or exacerbate androgenetic alopecia.

Q. Is the product for all genders?

Our product is for anyone experiencing androgenic hair loss and clinically tested for men and women.

Q. Is this product a medical product?

It is not a medical product but the world's first RNA anti-alopecia cosmeceutical product developed by more than 30 years of scientific research on RNA & DNA technology.

Q. Should I be concerned with side effects?

Side effects are not present as proven in our clinical trials. 

CosmeRNA™ was awarded a 5-star safety rating by Dermatest, an independent skin safety testing lab, and multiple clinical studies in Korea and Germany have confirmed its safety for men and women.

Q: Is the product suitable for all types of hair loss?

We always advise you to consult a dermatologist to understand the cause of your hair loss. Our product is intended for men and women who are looking for support for androgenic hair loss.

Q. Can I use the product in combination with prescription hair loss medications?

Our product acts on a unique mechanism in the hair follicle and is offered for the first time. CosmeRNA™ anti-hair loss tonic may be used as part of a regimen with other hair loss medications. Please consult your healthcare provider before using CosmeRNA™ with other hair loss medications.

Q. What is the action mechanism of CosmeRNA™?

Overall, the action mechanism of CosmeRNA™ likely involves the use of siRNA molecules, which is expensive as 300USD/mg to specifically targeting AR mRNA in the hair follicle using siRNA molecules.

The pathogenesis of AGA remains largely unknown. However, one study shows that in dermal papilla of the balding scalp in patients with AGA, nuclear localization of AR is elevated.

Thanks to research and development on RNA & DNA technology of Bioneer and SiRNAgen, we are able to develop and provide RNA anti-hair loss solutions at a reasonable price.
In our clinical study, main ingredient “SAMi-RNA AR68 (INCI Name: Stearyldisulfidehexyl DNA-2-PED-45/SH-RNA-1) helped to suppress the expression of AR to result in reduced binding of DHT, known as main cause of androgenic alopecia

Once the siRNA molecules are delivered to the hair follicle cells, they bind to complementary mRNA molecules and trigger RNA interference. This process causes the mRNA molecules to be degraded and prevents them from being translated into the proteins that contribute to AR production.

Reduction of AR levels: As a result of RNA interference, the expression of AR is effectively suppressed. This is expected to slow down the hair loss process in individuals with androgenic alopecia.

Q. How long does it take to see results from using CosmeRNA™?

We recommend to use it at least 4 months to see the result.

Q. How often should I use CosmeRNA™ products? Can I get more prompt effect if I use it more frequently?

Based on the clinical studies that show using CosmeRNA™ once every two weeks is similarly effective as using it once a week, we recommend use once per 2 weeks. For any further questions, please consult with a healthcare professional or a dermatologist, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or are currently taking any medications

Q. Is it vegan?

Our product is suitable for vegans and contains no animal-derived ingredients.

Q. Where can I purchase CosmeRNA™?

You can purchase it from our brand shopping mall. We will keep expanding distribution channels, including Amazon.

Q. My scalp has reddened and it feels sore. What should I do?

CosmeRNA™ contains no preservatives or antiseptics. Instead, it contains 15% ethanol, which may occasionally cause redness or skin irritation in cases of extremely sensitive skin. In case of irritation, we advise you to discontinue use and seek medical assistance.

Q. It seems like the product is not showing noticeable efficacy. Why?

CosmeRNA™ is a topical anti-hair loss cosmetic to prevent hair loss from both male and female bald patterns. It is not a cure-all solution all types of for hair loss. The causes of hair loss are diverse, and while CosmeRNA™'s efficacy has been proven for Androgenetic Alopecia, it may not be effective for hair loss caused by other factors. For instance, Alopecia Areata requires specialized treatment for autoimmune diseases, and in cases of aging or nutritional deficiency, significant improvement may be difficult without addressing the fundamental causes.

Q. I am a patient with Androgenetic Alopecia. I still don't seem to see any noticeable results. What should I do?

The application method of CosmeRNA™ can have a significant impact on its efficacy, even for customers with androgenic alopecia. If CosmeRNA™ is applied only to the hair, it will not be effective, because the solution must reach the hair follicles to work.
To ensure that CosmeRNA™ is absorbed well, it is important to massage the scalp after application. This will help to distribute the solution evenly throughout the scalp and promote absorption into the hair follicles.

Q. How long should I leave on the product?

CosmeRNA™ is a leave-in hair tonic, so we advise you to leave it in overnight or until your next hair wash while your hair is being nourished. Try to wait for at least 8 hours before washing your hair again.

Q. How long should I massage the scalp during application?

We suggest to apply and actively massage your scalp with the tip using a front-to-back motion – for 30 seconds to maximum 1 minute per section.